Adobe AIR mp3 Player

Presenting desktop mp3 player completely done in Adobe AIR.

Player Screenshot

In this you can select any music folder using add file button, it will automatically select all mp3 file from that particular folder.

This application includes following features.
1. Adding files in playlist using add button.
2. Play, stop, next, previous song button,
3. Repeat & Suffle Button with it’s functionality
4. Sound Control
5. Visual control(Third party)
6. Playing bar with remaining time and played time.
7. Song info – Album name, Title and Artist
8. Marquee for current playing track
9. Load Playlist
10. Remove selected track from list
11. Select all

The Application is skinnable, you can change the skin which is there in skin folder.

You can donwload the player from here.

24 Responses to Adobe AIR mp3 Player

  1. Sharad says:

    good one..

  2. Ed says:

    I really wanted to try it out but it is no longer supported in the latest version of Air. Are you able to update it?

  3. neoflex says:

    Hi Ed,
    Can you tell me which version you are using?

  4. Sreeja says:

    Great Job Neo…!! I really appreciate the effort that you all have put together in developing this.

  5. Sreeja says:

    Gr8 Job Neo !! I really appreciate the effort that you have put in developing this.

  6. Jeff says:

    Neo – Are you sharing the source code for this? I am working on project (personal – home use) that could use some insight on how to get MP3’s playing in AIR. Went to the download (payed 7 bucks) but no source 😦

  7. priyanka says:

    I am also working on a developing an mp3 player. Can you give some insight on how to start. Is the one you have developed done on Flash with Adobe AIR

  8. neoflex says:

    Hi Priyanka this is completely done in Flex 3.0 with AIR not flash with AIR. Provide me your email id, i will send you some code for the same.

  9. Scott Yates says:

    Thank you so much, for developing this application, i really like the design a lot!

    I would be very interested in having a look at your code as well if you don’t mind sharing.

    I am working on a personal project that has many similarities. Please, if you would, send code to the email i supplied when replying to this post.

    Thank you again!
    Scott Yates

  10. flashliner says:

    Hi Neo!

    Very impressive work you have done, with some really nice features. Especially the waveform display and the ability to open folders as well as playlists are perfect.

    In fact I`am also working on the development of a AIR mp3 player and i have started it from within flashCS3. The Flashversion is already online at:, where you can also download the recent AIR version. It`s equipped with a autoupdate feature so you can be shure to get the latest version.

    Unfortunately i have now reached a point, where I`am not able to proceed any futher and would therefore ask you kindly for your help, regarding the folder or/and the playlistfeature.

    greez and if you can find the time, a short email would be nice,


  11. darreld says:

    I can’t seem to open any mp3 files. I’m running NeoPlayer on Mac but all mp3 files are greyed out. What am I doing wrong?

  12. Player looks nice, but doesn’t work on Linux. Any ideas? Won’t load any shoutcast streams and it won’t play local MP3 files. Are you doing something strange with hard-coding path URIs?

  13. Gaurav says:

    Hi, I am starting to build a website for a music studio. And it requires musicians to jam live, like 2 or 3 musicians will upload or create there music online. Is it possible in FLEX AIR/Flash AIR. Or any other technology which can help me. Your prompt response will immensely help me.

    GAurav Verma

  14. Heman says:

    hi yar
    can u share ur source for developing this mp3 player

  15. dayg says:

    Great job! Also looking forward to a copy of the source code. 🙂

  16. Leke says:

    Didn’t work on Mint Linux 7. Finds my MP3s but displays “Error” in the play field when trying to play something from the list.

    Can AIR apps be made into desktop widgets? That is, something that doesn’t require launching.

  17. naveen kumar says:

    Hi Neo
    I am working on project (personal – home use) that could use some insight on how to get MP3’s playing in AIR. i searched many but i dint get a proper one. it is the one i need. can u pleasssss send me code to my id.
    ( thank you.

  18. Dharamveer Singh says:

    Hey, gr8 work
    i needed just this, but plzz mail me the code, i seriously need it for my winter project.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  19. Cheers for this blogpost, I have learned a lot more now about dir of mp3’s. My personal place is a open directory I found somewhere on yahoo. It has storaged thousands of music files. I’ve added the link in that website url option. Hope to see a lot more posts from you!

  20. kiki says:

    good job…i have a problem to build an mp3player with flex3..can u help me to share ur source of this mp3 player.waiting for ur reply,,thank you

  21. Aniket says:

    Hey… Great player..
    I’ve created a music player in air, but my playlist loading is not optimized at all..
    Just downloaded your player and thought it was good…
    Do you mind sharing the code, would be quite helpful if you do so…
    Thanks A Lot !

  22. Hmmm…very excellent to discover out, there were without the need of a doubt many things that I had not concept of before.

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